Flow Kiosk introduces QR Code Kiosk

Flow Kiosk introduces QR Code KioskFlow Kiosk provides a touchless kiosk solution using a QR Code to initiate web browser remote control.

Flow Kiosk has introduced the QR Code Kiosk, with new touchless kiosk features, according to a press release. As economies reopen, and with the delta variant emerging, Flow Kiosk brings to market the QR Code Kiosk that allows users to interact with kiosks without the need to touch, putting safety first, and allowing business to get back to work better.

“Because QR codes have steadily grown in usage, especially now with COVID precautions, we knew that integrating an interactive kiosk solution triggered by QR code was the right approach,” Brent Brookler, founder of Flow Kiosk, said in the press release.

Users scan the QR code displayed within the presentation on the iPad with their mobile phone. This launches a web browser that pairs to the screen. By interacting with the mobile web browser, a user controls the iPad, changing screens, launching videos, etc.

Organizations can also add information and links to further engage with guests and customers on their mobile phones.

Image courtesy of Flow Kiosk.

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