Korea restaurant finds multiple benefits from self-order kiosk

Korea restaurant finds multiple benefits from self-order kioskPicture courtesy of Samsung.

Tim Ho Wan, a restaurant in Seoul, South Korea, has found success on different fronts after installing a Samsung kiosk, according to a press release.

It only takes a minute or two for kiosk customers to select, order and pay for their meals. The orders are then instantly transferred to the kitchen, helping further reduce wait times.

Before the kiosk was installed, customers had to take a menu and then relay their order to a waiter, who entered it into the POS system. Now this time-consuming step is mostly eliminated, allowing chefs to save as much as two to three minutes per order.

Another advantage is that the solution collects takeout order data separately from dine-in order data. By using the kiosk, the staff is able to identify which menu items have a high takeout order rate and utilize this data to prepare ingredients and manage inventory.

As the kiosk enables separation of dine-in and takeout order data, the team was also able to manage sales more efficiently. Previously, the restaurant struggled to identify why certain dishes were being ordered for takeout. The takeout data showed customers preferred dim sum over noodles or fried food.

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