Sashimi Sushi Knife 10 Inch – Perfect Knife For Cutting Sushi & Sashimi, Fish Filleting & Slicing – Very Sharp Stainless Steel Blade & Traditional Wooden Handle + Gift Box




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Product Description

Sharp sashimi and sushi knife with long 10 inch blade

Classical Japanese-style knife for cutting fish and sushi. Because of its length and sharpness, you can now easily slice through a sushi roll without squashing it. You will find out, in fact, that using this knife can be beneficial for many different meals that involve delicate and soft products. The handle is made out light brown wood and looks simple and elegant.

Naturally fitting handle

It is very comfortable to grip this slightly oval wooden handle, it is so convenient you can use sashimi knife for slicing and entire bowl of produce without getting tired. It is made of natural wood and is completely safe and ecologically responsible. It fits seamlessly within the context of Japanese cuisine that emphasizes harmony, charming simplicity and natural materials.

Specially designed blade

The blade is long, narrow and quite thick in its back. This feature of sashimi knife helps to separate cuts from each other without much effort or pieces of food sticking back together. It features special right-sided bevel that further helps you with separating slices you just made. Of course, this type of blade is very useful for cutting raw fish, 10 inch blade gives you the ability to cut through the sushi roll or a fillet piece with one motion.

Cooking is easy and joyful

There is a variety of products you can cut, slice, fillet with sashimi knife. Raw fish is the primary example because it is so easy to get nice and cute slices of fish for your sandwiches and sashimi

Sashimi knife can be very useful on your kitchen, it has so many various applications. You will discover that this robust long knife can be very convenient for every task.

Cooking is easy and joyful, if done with the right tools! Everything in our knife is manufactured to be of highest quality, from wooden handle to the tough stainless steel blade.

★ FOR PERFECT SLICING OF DELICATE PRODUCTS. ★ Filleting, slicing and cutting delicate food products such as raw fish or sushi rolls, without crushing or tearing its structure, requires the use of a special super sharp knife. For these purposes, a kitchen knife with a special design was invented in Japan – the Lucky Cook 10-inch sashimi knife.
★ WHAT IS UNIQUE ABOUT THIS 10-INCH SUSHI KNIFE? ★ It is a quality sushi knife with a long narrow right-handed asymmetric blade which allows you to fillet a whole fish in just one or two movements.
★ JAPANESE TRADITIONS AND HIGH-QUALITY REQUIREMENTS. ★ The required characteristics of a high-quality professional sushi cooking knife include a very sharp blade of high-quality stainless steel, good balance and a non-slip wooden handle.
★ GREAT GIFT FOR A CHEF. ★ We offer the best gift option for chefs, both beginners and professionals, on any holiday. The sashimi knife with wooden handle is simply indispensable in a home or professional kitchen, and the stylish box in which it is delivered emphasizes the quality and high status of the present.
★ IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS WITH LUCKY COOK. ★ When you order the sashimi knife made of carbon steel you will receive the most effective tool for slicing, raising your skills to a new level. There is a serial number on the blade of each Lucky Cook slicing knife that confirms the authenticity of the product.


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